Jared Parker, M.S.


Jared Parker maintains a varied background in finance, analysis and consulting experience. He has consulted on financial matters for nearly a decade. Jared served as the Chairman of the Fintech Board of Director’s Financial Committee as well as a board director for company itself. His educational background features an advanced degree in Economics and in a past career he held the position of Economist. As CEO, Jared Parker brings knowledgeable and relevant experience in the overall market place of the beverage industry, to develop market strategies, manage growth and ensure a successful enterprise.


Thaddeus “T.C.” Parker, M.B.A., M.S.F.


T.C. Parker brings a decade of experience in consulting and analysis to Beverage Nexus Solutions. He brings a dynamic resume, engaging in various professions from finance to economics over his career. Mr. Parker now leverages his entrepreneurial experience and financial background as a core asset to our firm as CFO. Mr. Parker has worked in a variety of industries, including consulting, financial investing analysis, and economics. Past careers include the position of Economic Analyst and as a Member of the Board of Directors for Fintech. A numbers man by nature, Mr. Parker’s knowledge and drive reflects in his endeavors. He is goal-oriented, analytical, and organized, bringing his passion for success to our team.